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Monday, October 14, 2002

Just stumbled across an incredibly pointless editorial in the Daily Princetonian about the evils of Diet Coke. Diet Coke is Evil

It strikes me that I often use the phrase "stumbled across" when talking about articles or websites I've found. I guess that makes me sound less pathetic than if I were to say "found in the course of my reading" or "searched for and found." Truth is, in this case, I do try and check the Daily 'Prince every couple of days or so, in case there's anything interesting. And in the case below, I was actually searching for other law student weblogs -- so to say I "stumbled across" it is not exactly forthcoming. I read stuff on the web too much. It's a mild addiction -- there's always more interesting news to find. And I know it makes no sense to read the sports sections of 5 different New York area newspapers each morning to get the widest perspective possible on the Mets' search for a new manager, especially since they're all tailored versions of the same Assoicated Press wire story. But it's healthier than Diet Coke, at least according to the 'Prince article.