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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

More on Bobby Valentine's firing -- I read in the NY Times (or maybe it was the Post, or Newsday, or the Daily News, or the Bergen Record, of the Star-Ledger -- sadly, I check 'em all each morning for the Mets articles... obsessed perhaps? ...but I'll pretend I read this thing in the Times because it sounds more credible that way) that Valentine demanded more input as far as roster decisions and who to sign and trade for, and that forced the owner to make a choice. So I think he made the wrong choice of who to fire, but at least it seems to be the case that one of 'em had to be fired... so it's not like he just decided to give up on Valentine without any provocation.

I want to watch some playoffs tonight, and I have no other activities besides working on my memo due Friday, so I should at least get to catch some baseball in the background of my editing and footnoting...