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Monday, October 28, 2002

On recommendation from a friend, I took a walk this afternoon (taking advantage of the really awesome weather) to a bakery that's in a completely different direction than anywhere I'd been so far, but only a 10-minute walk away. (To put this in geographical terms, the main road -- Mass Ave -- runs North-South. The two major places where food and stores are are Porter Square and Harvard Square, 10 minutes North and South, respectively. Walking east takes me to Somerville, which looks like a part of town I ought to avoid although probably is perfectly safe. This was west, where I hadn't ventured before) So I found the bakery -- no small achievement given my utter lack of a sense of direction (I actually brought a map with me just in case -- that's how easily I get lost). And I got a piece of Cranberry Pound Cake (and a cup of some herbal tea... I dunno, looked interesting, and was only a dollar.), and started to walk back. So I reach into the bag to try a piece of the cake. And it's ok, but there's a weird "extra" taste -- some flavor that didn't seem to belong. Couldn't quite place it. A few minutes later, the next bite. Again, something extra -- not sweet, almost salty, kind of a robust flavor. Third bite. I figured it out. The cake tasted like beef. Like they accidentally dropped some roast beef in the batter. Or they used meat drippings instead of milk as the liquid. Very strange. Like eating a "roast beef on cake" sandwich. Not something I'd recommend. Very strange. Won't be going back there anytime soon....