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Saturday, October 26, 2002

This post sounds mildly insane, but I'm trying to puzzle out this notion that I'm been thinking about this afternoon, and figure maybe writing it down will help. So excuse the strange-ness. More and more, I find myself feeling like there are a limited number of "types" of people in the world. Like a bunch of people fall into the "generic friendly normal person" category, but then you get a set number of alternatives like "pompous jackass" or "insane aggressive dude," and that if you could somehow develop a list of all these types -- and maybe there are 20, i don't know, you could easily fit 99% of people into their appropriate category. What I find myself doing is looking to compare people I meet here to people I know from before -- like "Oh, Jim is like Mike, only with a little more energy and fewer moral qualms," and stuff like that. And then I find myself looking for people who fit into the types I'm most drawn to. Like "melancholy introspective thinker" and "sarcastic observer with good heart" and "sunny extrovert mind-reader." I don't know if this makes any sense at all. It's hard to find people in those three categories, really. Maybe they're too specific. Or hard to sense right off the bat, whereas "phony social climber" and "just doesn't understand the world around him/her" are so easy to pick up on right away. I should read some Myers-Briggs stuff. I think studying personalities would be fascinating. I think I've just turned off anyone who's reading this entry. I would say that if anyone has stumbled across this weblog and thinks they fall into any of the three categories I listed as desirable, send me an e-mail and let me know I'm not insane. :)