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Friday, November 29, 2002

I went to the movies this afternoon and saw "The Emperor's Club," a movie about a teacher at an elite boarding high school and his students. It wasn't terrible, and actually pretty interesting -- if contrived but well-done movies about teachers and students are your cup of tea. Not as good as Finding Forrester or Good Will Hunting, but not awful by any stretch. The biggest problem I had was its predictability. Every plot point was telegraphed a few minutes in advance and set up such that nothing was a surprise. The most glaring example (and I'm really not giving anything away here) was that at one point in the movie, the students persuade the teacher to join them in a game of baseball, the pitcher convinced he'll strike him out without a problem. Just then, the headmaster pulls up, across the courtyard, in his automobile. Camera focus on the driver's side window. I don't need to continue. It's the attempted emotional manipulation of "Stepmom" combined with the "there's-a-deeper-meaning-here" of "Field of Dreams." So if that sounds like something that wouldn't put you to sleep, I recommend it.