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Monday, November 04, 2002

My law school fantasy basketball team got crushed this week. 5 categories lost, 2 categories won, 1 tie. Dismal performance by these players whose names I don't know. Fantasy baseball was more fun, since I actually had some idea what was going on.

Election day tomorrow. Up here, apparently it's a super-close race for governor between Mitt Romney and Shannon O'Brien. The negative ads are funny. Mitt Romney's ad director has gone out of his way to find the most unflattering pictures of Shannon O'Brien -- in the middle of chewing some food, hunched over... she could pass for Ted Kennedy's twin sister. And Shannon O'Brien's latest ad features some random senior citizen saying something like, "I met Mitt Romney once, and he was mean to me. Don't vote for Mitt Romney. He hates old people." Wonderful stuff.

My prediction is O'Brien will win. I have no factual basis for this prediction.