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Thursday, November 07, 2002

Went to a "public interest student job fair" today, where students who worked at public interest firms sat at tables to answer people's questions. Good concept, poor execution. They should have given out background on each job first, or some handouts -- because the only question you could ask would be "uh... what did you, uh... DO?" And most of the jobs were so specific and targeted towards a certain narrow group of people -- "International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda," "Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch," "US Attorney, Western District of Missouri," "Farmworker Legal services of New York," "AARP Foundation Litigation" -- that I didn't really feel interested enough to actually go up and start a conversation. The level of interest needed to get people to potentially rope themselves into a ten-minute conversation they don't want to be in is too high -- if they had more printed material, or it was a forum where each person got up and gave a short speech and then hung around for questions... I don't know, that may have worked better. At least they had some free food. Not enough for dinner though.