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Sunday, December 22, 2002

39-page outline for criminal law, 42 pages for criminal procedure. Next up: civil procedure. I'm finding there's a way to do these things --

Step 1: find a good study guide and read it to make sure there aren't any big gaps in your knowledge
Step 2: find a good commercial outline and steal their structure and main category headings, along with the black-letter rules, deleting the parts you didn't cover and aren't responsible for
Step 3: go through your class notes and beef up the commercial outline where appropriate with policy, clarifications, etc
Step 4: find some old outlines, comb through for some extra stuff you don't have, or sections they've done better than you've got, and add it in
Step 5: read through and cut any redundancies out

And, voila, I've got a workable and complete outline. Or at least I hope I do... anyone have a better way to do it or see something I'm missing??