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Thursday, December 12, 2002

An LSAT Logic Puzzler. For the aspiring law student in all of you!

There are eight students in Professor Contracts' class: Mr. Aardvark, Mr. Bird, Mr. Cow, Mr. Dog, Ms. Emu, Ms. Ferret, Ms. Gorilla, and Ms. Hillaryclinton. Class is on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Six students are called on each day.

If Mr. Aardvark is called on, Ms. Gorilla is not called on.
If Mr. Bird is called on, Mr. Cow is always called on.
Mr. Dog only gets called on on Monday.

1. If Mr. Aadrvark is called on every day this week, which of the following MUST be true?
a) Ms. Emu is called on on Monday
b) Mr. Bird is called on on Wednesday
c) Mr. Dog is called on on Tuesday
d) Ms. Hillaryclinton moves to Greenland and runs for Senate

2. Which of the following is NOT a possible list of the students NOT called on on Tuesday
a) Mr. Dog, Mr. Aadvark
b) Mr. Dog, Ms. Gorilla
c) Mr. Dog, Mr. Bird
d) Mr. Dog, Mr. Cow

3. On Wednesday, Ms. Hillaryclinton sets the classroom on fire and class ends with only three people having been called on. If all of the rules still hold true, which of the following is a possible set of the three students called on?
a) Mr. Aardvark, Mr. Cow, Mr. Dog
b) Ms. Hillaryclinton, Ms. Gorilla, Mr. Aardvark
c) Mr. Bird, Mr. Cow, Ms. Gorilla
d) Mr. Aardvark, Ms. Gorilla, Ms. Hillaryclinton

Answers tomorrow.