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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Saw someone on his way downstairs to do laundry. He was wearing a bright purple-and-green striped shirt and a pair of red sweatpants. That's when you know it's really time to do laundry.

The West Wing tonight featured the Yale Whiffenpoofs a cappella group. Way cool. I wish I was a Whiffenpoof. Althoug I'm happy being a Scale of Justice (our a cappella group) I suppose.

We had the last contracts class this morning. Professor ended with a great speech about how grades are imperfect measures of our minds, and they don't even really count for anything anyway. I'm paraphrasing: "You got good grades to get here. Well done. You won. The game is over. You're here, and you'll do fine in the world, whether you get A's or B's. Unfortunately, half of you will be in the bottom 50% of the class. The real shame would be if you let that stop you from caring, stop you from engaging, stop you from playing the game. Don't turn down the dial just because you get a B. You already won. Enjoy it here and get the most out of what there is to offer. Because you'll never be in a place like this again." She's so awesome. It's ridiculous. I wrote in my course evaluation that I would take a class on the phone book if Prof. Warren was teaching it. She's why there are teachers.