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Monday, December 23, 2002

Some Holiday-inspired law limericks. For whatever they're worth.

The girl worked on Christmas and New Years
Hadn't gotten a day off in *two* years
She begged her employer
But he is a lawyer
So she's stuck with one more of her *blue* years.

There once was a man who was short
Who was sued for committing a tort
He thought state court unpleasant
Gave the plaintiff a present
And removed it to federal court

The judge said there's issue preclusion
Leaving John in a state of confusion
Though he'd studied at Yale
Always passed when pass/fail
Seems the J.D. is just an illusion

Santa came with the presents you got
But as he walked towards the tree he was shot
In this state, the law said
You can fill them with lead
When they enter your house, on the spot.