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Monday, December 30, 2002

Sorry no post yesterday. I meant to write something, but kept putting it off, and then all of a sudden the day was over. Oops. Sorry. I'll make up for it by double-posting today. One this morning and one later. If I can think of things to write. Hmmm... how about... well, I can't think of anything, so how about a not-that-funny placeholder until I do think of something...

Top Ten Taken Out-of-Context Quotes from Ten Different E-mails I've Received in the Past Couple of Days

10. "Strictly speaking, any speech that is abridged in any manner whatsoever constitutes a violation of the First Amendment."
9. "The evite wouldn't send an email to everyone...well, i couldn't figure it out anyway and i don't feel like putting any effort into it."
8. "Knowing my luck, these issues will still be on the test."
7. "both parties had the barren cow in mind when they contracted"
6. "otherwise i'm relegated to eating alone"
5. "There's something to be said about knowing the cases cold--it probably separates the truly awesome exams from the merely great ones."
4. "There will now be a 2 day waiting period so this trade can be reviewed by the league."
3. "I am still recovering from a nasty bout of food poisoning (i.e., still not really eating solid food)"
2. "If you need any help or have any questions about why you have received this e-mail, please contact:"
1. "I'm going to party with my grandparents in Iowa for New Years"