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Thursday, January 23, 2003

I learned all about the differences between pigs, hogs, boars, and swine in Torts class today. And, in unrelated news, the cafeteria had made-to-order sushi. But it was really expensive ($5.95 for a roll), so I passed. Plus, it was the cafeteria, so who can trust the fish? They probably got an accidental shipment of raw fish -- instead of, I don't know, acorn squash -- and figured they had to do *something* with it. I have very little faith in the law school cafeteria. I do, however, have renewed faith in building maintenance, which fixed my slow-draining toilet while I was in class today. I realize that by writing about sushi, swine, and toilets in the same post, I'm opening myself up to all sorts of odd google searches resulting in a link to my page. But I really have nothing more interesting to say today.

A quick TV tip: Dave Chappelle's sketch comedy show on Comedy Central last night -- pretty funny. I recommend.