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Monday, January 13, 2003

Recuperating from civil procedure exam. Or, as my civil procedure exam would say, "Assume you have just spent eight hours staring at a computer screen typing words upon words upon words (as in Exam-taking). Dinner (D) is tempting, but Sleep (S) is tempting as well. Studying (St) for Wedensday's (W) Exam (E) is less tempting (T). Watching (W) the Real World-Road Rules Challenge (RWRRC) is most tempting (T) of all (A). Papaya (P) Banana (B) Ceiling (C) Elephant (E) Unrelated Words (UW). Write a memo (M), 1300 words, only 2100 vowels allowed total, pretending you are a law clerk (LC) to Justice Bob, and addressing wahtever issues (I) are relevant (R) to this discussion (D). You have eighteen seconds (18S). Go.