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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Time for another song. How about an end-of-exams song!

(...starts off like a ballad...)

I spotted all the issues
Or at least I hope I did
Looked in every corner of the fact pattern where they hid

I took my pile of outlines
Made with tender loving care
And now that exams are over, threw them in the dumpster over there...

(...and picks up tempo...)

They're over
Exams are over
Take that term of jurisdiction
And pretend that it was fiction
Forget all the little details
About merchants, goods, and resales
Don't lose sleep over that murder
Cause it's not a crime you've heard of... anymore
Exams are over and the books are off the floor
...and in a drawer
...or in the trash
...or sold for cash
...or out the window as they smash
...onto than man and leave a gash it a crime? is it a tort?
...who knows? who cares? take me to court!
...but i don't know because exams are finally done
...and it's time to start the fun... of next semester.

(...back to the ballad...)

Explained it with precision
Hit the word count on the dot
But the moment it was over, all law I forgot

They say do no post-mortems
Don't re-check, re-think, reflect
I can't go back regardless, because the spine of all my casebooks is now wrecked...

(...pick up tempo again...)

They're over
Exams are over
Take the statutes and their sections
Leave them for the trash collections
Take the study guide you saved for
Ask what have you been enslaved for
Now you're free from all the study
No more casebook is your buddy... not today
Exams are over and so now it's time to play
...perhaps to pay
...for all the books
...the bookstore crooks
...say you will need for class that starts just five days when break departs
...and then it all comes back again
...when will it end? when? when? when? when?
...cause after school we'll all get jobs and they're no fun! what's the point of being done... when all that we have won... another semester... of... this.