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Friday, January 03, 2003

Working on an optional practice exam question for my Criminal Law class -- the professor gave us the option of answering a sample question, sending him our reponse, and we would get feedback. It certainly can't hurt -- the more practice, the better. And hopefully the feedback will provide some sense of what a professor is looking for in an answer to an exam question.

Other than that, it's cold in Boston. But I expect that will be the case for a few months now...

Five Signs That It's Cold Outside
1. The pile of snow is wearing a winter coat.
2. Instead of hot dogs, street vendors are selling gloves.
3. Santa Claus is wandering around looking very lost. And shivering.
4. Mugger: "Your money... or your hat."
5. You don't notice that the bowl of hot soup you're eating is actually a bowl of ice cream.