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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

The a cappella singing group I'm a member of here generally rehearses in unoccupied classrooms. In addition, student organizations often write announcements on blackboards to advertise upcoming events, so that students coming into class the next day will see them. I had an uncontrollable urge this evening at rehearsal to replace the "Reagan week" announcement (see point 6 below) with "Grover Cleveland week." I feel a twinge of guilt.

If I had truly been feeling creative, I wouldn't have merely stopped at changing the title, but I would have made small changes in the entire week's itinerary:

Hear Professor Charles Fried talk about the Cleveland legacy and how Cleveland's policies impact our world today.

Celebrate Grover Cleveland's birthday with a screening of his most beloved film, "Bedtime for Grover."

Join the business school and the law school for an '80s party. Come dressed in your most stylish outfit from the '80s. The 1880s!!

Receive your grades by US mail, much like they must have distributed them back in Grover Cleveland's time. Since it's not like we have the technology to make grades available over the computer or anything newfangled like that.