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Sunday, February 23, 2003

Another song... based on Torts class and our discussions of the McDonalds obesity case, where someone sued McDonalds for making her fat... to the tune of "Say You, Say Me" by Lionel Richie

Sue you, sue me; sue us together
Sue us every day
Sue you, sue me; sue us together
It's the American way

I had a lunch, I had an awesome lunch
Burgers in the bun, I could eat a ton
Nobody said, you should have salad instead
When I finally broke the scale, sue McDonalds, I'll prevail

Sue you, sue me... (Chorus)

And all of those fries, all of those sumptious fries
Extra mayo, extra salt, but I know it's not my fault
They didn't say, you shouldn't eat that way
So I have someone to blame
For the cow that I became


So you think Big Macs are good for you - Oh no
And the ice cream shakes are not so good as well
That's right - I'm telling you
It's time to call a lawyer - Oh yes
Believing who you are: Manipulated victim


Sue us together... it's the American way.