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Monday, February 10, 2003

From an e-mail:

"Let the Naughtiness Begin"
$15 at the door with your Harvard ID

Fill out your match survey to get a list of your 10 most compatible matches at Harvard. Lists $5. Sold ONLY at the party, so don't miss out!

Doesn't charging money seem like a bad idea?

Think of the counter-argument:

But how else can you possibly get a list of 10 random people who happen to answer a small sample of survey questions somewhat similarly to you???????? Isn't that worth a $15 entry fee + $5 list fee + hoping that at least one of the people on your list also showed up + the chance you can actually find them in the crowd of the people + the chance that you're actually on their list too + the incredible odds that since you both like "reading," "watching movies" and "eating food" that you must be perfectly compatible in every way??????

Actually, it sounds like it would make a great parody commercial, like those Mastercard ads.

A box of chocolates... $10
A dozen roses... $30
A list of 10 people who answered some survey questions sort of like you did... Priceless. Oh wait, no, actually it's five dollars.