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Friday, February 07, 2003

From the "Here's What I Do When I'm Sitting In Class" file, a few limericks:

1. Really awful limerick about the tortious harming of a fetus

One fine day I decided to pin you
Didn't know of the fetus within you
Perhaps I went wild
I injured the child
And "pregnant you"'s now become "thin you"

2. Even worse limerick about the purported "torts crisis" of the 1880s

My daughter, she hath lost her bow
To a man that she doth hardly know
There is sadly no cure
She is no longer pure
But instead she is just a big 'ho.

3. Not-quite-rhyming limerick about the jury system

There once was an ignorant jury
That created a terrible fury
Summed IQ: 64
The wrong party ruled for
And it made the society worry