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Monday, February 03, 2003

Had my first class of International Environmental Law today. Provided a good excuse to play with Microsoft Word's autotext feature some more. "Intl" becomes "international," "env" becomes environment, and "law" becomes "law." That sounded funny in my head, but doesn't really work so well on paper.

The International Environmental Law class is my first class around a large table instead of in a lecture hall. Providing no noticeable difference except that the laptop outlets are further away. But that's ok, because I think I may forego the laptop in this class. Wasting sheets upon sheets of paper is so much more environmentally friendly.

Tomorrow in Torts, we have a "bonus class." The professor says they're fun. Hopefully. It's all a framing issue. Tell us it's a "bonus class" and we have high hopes. Tell us it's a "mandatory extra session" and people would probably go complain to the registrar or something.