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Sunday, February 16, 2003

I have a bunch of friends planning to go to law school either this fall or next fall. One of them works in a DA's office now, doing real work that lawyers do. Which means that he'll be very well-prepared for the pass/fail writing workshop, should he come here, and might challenge for the elusive "high pass" grade that few people are able (or even trying) to achieve. However, it's interesting to realize that the class his lawyer-like work would most help him in is our least important, most disregarded class. They're not training us to practice law here. Save that vocational stuff for the get-your-degree-at-home courses advertised on late-night TV.

I have a friend in physics grad school too who wanted me to mention him in my weblog.

My friend in the witness protection program, however, prefers I keep his name and identifying characteristics to myself.