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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

One class cancelled due to the snow, but one went on as planned.

Quick story: I was going to the bathroom before class, and as I was walking in, a professor was on his way out, and there was another student on his way in right behind me. I heard the following exchange:

STUDENT: Oh! Professor!
STUDENT: I'm so sorry I missed your class yesterday.
PROFESSOR: Well, it was a very good class.
STUDENT: Yes, I'm sure it was.
PROFESSOR: And I hope you have a good excuse.
PROFESSOR: I'll see you there tomorrow.
STUDENT: Uh... yes. Yes. See you tomorrow.

I thought it was funny.

In international environmental law class today, the professor made a comment that I think would make a great slogan for the country Jordan. "Jordan: Surviving entirely due to aid." Yes, that'll get the tourists coming.