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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon:

1. "You are responsible for the actions of your cows" was something the professor said yesterday in Torts. I think it would make a cool t-shirt slogan.

2. I have become addicted to "Everwood" on the WB and went so far as to download an episode I missed off of Kazaa.

3. Phone interviews for summer jobs are not so much fun. I wish they could just issue interrogatories instead. (For non-law-students: an interrogatory is a list of questions you provide written answers to.) It's just very difficult to come up with reasonable-sounding answers to perfectly legitimate questions with the pressure of having to avoid silence. In person, you can pause, and ponder, and use visual cues to see if the other person thinks you're making sense or thinks you're a lunatic. On the phone I'm finding it's much harder. I imagine there are surely people who are really good at these things, who have a great phone presence and sound confident and sure and can create compelling answers on the fly. I'm not one of those people. And what bothers me is that I think I'm a lot stronger of a candidate in reality than how I come across in a phone interview, but I don't know how to show that. I've resorted to basically ending the interviews by begging the interviewers to call my references, because I really do think that they can make a better case for me than I can.

4. Lots of foreign students and older students in my International Environmental Law class. (Subtitle: "The World Is Ending Soon! Ahhh!") It's actually interesting to hear what they have to say and how their attitudes and ideas are different from we selfish Americans. It's also fun to hear cool accents.

5. Should McDonalds be liable for people getting fat because they eat too much fast food? What if they're seduced by the advertisements? What if they truly believe McDonalds food is healthy? What if their parents make them eat it? What if they're addicted to beef tallow? I don't know if it's all as silly as it sounds.

6. Check this out: "Join the Harvard Law Republicans for one last "Reagan Week" event celebrating Ronald Reagan's 92nd birthday." Reagan gets a whole week, while Thanksgiving only gets two days. :)