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Friday, February 14, 2003

Top Ten Registrar Mistakes Regarding 1L Grades

10. Hiring dyslexic data entry employees. (That's a "C" in "Briminal Law," right?)
9. Using "F" as the abbreviation for "FYL Passing Grade" on the transcripts.
8. New bilingual initiative requires grades to be reported using Egyptian hieroglyphics ("I got 'man slaughtering a horse' in Property and 'big gray rock' in Torts.")
7. "Not an Official Transcript" disclaimer treated as permission to just make stuff up.
6. Registrar's four-year old son declared, "it's backwards day!" and registrar believed him.
5. Allowing Crimson Cash to be used to increase grades. An A-plus and a piece of blue cheese pizza costs just $7.95 as a combo deal at the Hark.
4. Liberty Bell as inspiration for the Bell Curve. Unlucky students fall into the crack.
3. "Did postage really go up from 34 cents? Oops."
2. Putting up the "if we don't offer you 99 cent fries with your grade report, your next B-plus is absolutely free" sign.
1. "These are the grades from the students' preliminary events. They will be averaged with the scores from the swimsuit and evening gown competitions to determine the ten finalists who will go on to compete for the crown."