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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Two Minutes in the Class of the World's Most Ineffective Professor

Okay, for today you all read chapter, uh, three, uh, chapter four. It's on page 194. Who can tell me what the third word on the fourth line is? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? How about you?

I didn't bring my book to class with me. It's heavy.

Anyone else? Anyone else? Anyone else? Okay, I'll tell you. It's "the." My third, uh, second question. What is the ninth word on the fourteenth line? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? No one knows this? No one? No one? Who can help me out with this? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Okay, I'll tell you. It's "it." Very important. Very. Important. I realized when I got home yesterday that I forgot to ask one of the questions I had prepared for yesterday's chapter. Page 104. What is the eighth word on the second line? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? You couldn't have already forgotten yesterday's chapter, could you? Anyone? Anyone? How about you? Do you have any ideas?

No, I'm sorry. I have a cold.

Oh. A cold. Okay. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? The answer is "how." How. Very important. Very. Important. But back to today's chapter. Question three. What is the seventh word on the twenty-second line? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?...