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Friday, March 28, 2003

50 Productive Things I Didn’t Do Over Spring Break

1. Get a week ahead in the reading for all my classes
2. Get a day ahead in the reading for all my classes
3. Catch up on the reading for all my classes
4. Finally buy the casebooks for all my classes
5. Outline moot court oral argument
6. Practice moot court oral argument in front of a mirror
7. Take Bar-Bri “moot court oral argument” class
8. Turn my class notes into awesome outlines
9. Turn my class notes into serviceable outlines
10. Look at my class notes
11. Finally get around to buying winter coat
12. Fill out financial aid forms
13. File for personal bankruptcy
14. Beg bank to give me back repossessed textbooks
15. Participate in the bustling “Dining Hall ID Card Cash-for-crack” street trade in Harvard Square
16. Comb through the course catalog planning my choices for next year
17. Comb my hair
18. Look through some old exams for my courses, to get an idea about what’s to come
19. Find some old outlines for my classes and compare them to my class notes to see if I have any major gaps
20. Learn computer programming and fix the online outline bank so it actually works every time you’re looking for an outline and not just on Wednesdays from 3 until 6 in the morning
21. Read stack of law firm brochures I’ve been saving
22. Throw out stack of law firm brochures I’ve been saving
23. Donate stack of law firm brochures I’ve been saving to less fortunate law students at lower-ranked law schools
24. Listen to archived audiotaped classes on intranet
25. Clean out e-mail inbox
26. Go through all of my old highlighters and throw out the ones that no longer have any ink in them
27. Discover whatever the Glannon’s equivalent for Torts and Property are
28. Read whatever the Glannon’s equivalent for Torts and Property are
29. Memorize whatever the Glannon’s equivalent for Torts and Property are
30. Sell back fall semester casebooks
31. Use money from selling back fall semester casebooks to buy brand new postage stamp
32. Catch up on videotaped American Idol episodes that I’ve missed
33. Three words: Lexis training session
34. Write my third-year paper
35. Finally change my sheets
36. RSVP to upcoming firm reception events I ought to attend just for the free food
37. Prepare for the 2004 summer clerkship interviewing season
38. Have my one hour of substance abuse training required by the Ohio Bar (they really do require this!)
39. Buy some new socks that aren’t falling apart
40. Develop algorithm to effectively choose numbers for the upcoming Clinical Course Lottery (…oh, you mean it’s not that kind of lottery?)
41. Vacuum floor in preparation for hosting an international student next year (there was an advertisement saying they needed hosts...)
42. Find a summer sublet
43. Log onto Lexis and Westlaw every day just to collect points
44. Floss twice daily
45. Get head start on bar review with Bar-Bri’s “Spring Break Watching Videotapes of Law Professors Talking About Law,” now just $1,999, but going up by a dollar a minute until graduation.
46. Learn how to program VCR
47. Learn how to make DVDs play on my computer
48. Learn how to rig the window shades in classrooms so that I can control their movement by pressing buttons on my laptop, thoroughly confounding the professor and keeping myself awake in class
49. Learn property and torts
50. Sleep twelve hours a night (…oh wait, I did that…)