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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Baseball season starts in just a few days. I'm in five fantasy baseball leagues. I'm addicted. I'm in two fantasy basketball leagues that are in the playoffs now -- I'm in 2nd of 8 in one, and 5th of 12 in the other. And I know nothing about basketball. An advantage, perhaps, because all I go by are the numbers -- no prejudices for or against certain players, no idea how to project future performance on anything but past stats. No idea that Caron Butler's first name isn't pronounced like "Karen" and Corey Maggette's last name not like the worm ("Maggot"). No idea what a block is, just that not too many players get them, and the ones who do are mostly Cs. Which I think means Center, but if you told me that Centers actually stand on the Right (and Forwards stand in the Back), I'd believe you. I know that GFs are especially valuable for their positional flexibility, and 15 rebounds is a good day. I know that Dirk Nowitski is awfully good, but I don't know what team he plays for and if they're any good. I know Tony Delk gets lots of 3-pointers, but I don't know a single other thing about him. I know Michael Olowokandi has been injured for a while, but I don't know what his injury is, who replaced him, or whether his team is suffering because of it. I just know he's good at getting blocks. Because he's a C. (Baseball I know much better. So my 5 fantasy teams actually have a lot of the same people, because there's a set of players I just seem to value more than other people do, or about whom I have a hunch they'll do well. Braden Looper, Ivan Rodriguez, Mike Sweeney, Kris Benson, Austin Kearns, Dave Roberts, Jeremy Giambi, Erubiel Durazo, Edgar Renteria, Jake Peavy, Oliver Perez, Randy Wolf, Josh Phelps, Woody Williams, Scott Williamson, Carlos Lee, and Tim Hudson seem to be my most common picks, all on at least 2 in some cases 4 of my 5 teams....)