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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Check out this column from the Harvard Law Record this week, Wild America meets Harvard Law, which responds to a column I wrote a few weeks ago. My column included a quick aside about the LL.M. students who tend to disproportionately use dormitory kitchens. My line, which was, I admit, perhaps a bit insensitive -- "...Although a kitchen that wasn't all the way down the hall and filled with LL.M.s roasting wild game or painting their homemade clothing with goat blood might be a pleasant change of pace" -- clearly wasn't serious. I wasn't actually suggesting that the LL.M.s were roasting wild game in the dorm kitchens, and didn't think anyone would mistake my column about toilets for a serious news piece. But I'm pleased and amused that it got a response. So feel free to check that out.