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Monday, March 17, 2003

A couple of experiments:

1. If there's something you find notable about law school that I haven't written a song about, E-mail me and I'll try to write something and post it.

2. If there's any questions about law school you'd like me to answer in my weblog, also E-mail me and I'll try my best.

Just figured I'd see what would happen if I ask my readers for ideas... :)

Also... I feel sort of obligated to post something -- or at least feel something, even if I weren't going to post it -- about the impending war , but, really I really have nothing to say. I feel bad that I have no strong feelings going through my head, especially since it seems like everyone in law school has strong feelings about everything, but what can I do...

And, finally for right now... maybe if I link to this pre-law information site called JD2B , they'll finally know I exist. Usually I'm cool with just getting discovered by whoever discovers me, but pretty much all of the other law school weblogs I know of are listed on their page, but not me. Maybe the guy in charge of it read my weblog and decided he didn't like it. Oh well.