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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Performances tonight and last night went well.

Another theater song -- to the tune of "Footloose"

Been working so long
Perfecting each song
Rehearsals went late
But last night starting at eight
The crowd, they liked us
Didn't wish they studied instead
And techies miked us
So they could hear what we said
And the audience

Laughed, they laughed
They admired our craft [rhymes are hard...]
Awed, guffawed
Even chose to applaud
Paid, they paid
And through intermission they stayed
Laughed, they laughed
Everybody heard they laughed

No numbers fell flat
No set piece went splat
No light burst up in flames
They laughed at character names
The props got set right
They didn't fall to the ground
No broken spotlight
No feedback screwing up the sound
But above it all

Laughed, they laughed
Even those who are daft [Like I said, rhymes are hard...]
Rapt, they clapped
All talent it got tapped
Prayed, there'd be
An even longer act three
Laughed, they laughed
Everybody heard they laughed

They all had good things to say
Even from seats far away
They'll laugh even harder today

Laughed, they laughed
Even though no beer on draft [...glad there's no fourth chorus... out of rhymes...]
Cheered, and cheered
Cheered, and nobody jeered
Got, the plot
And it made them laugh a lot
Laughed, they laughed
Everybody heard they laughed