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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

A post on another weblog, liable, from last Friday (March 14) talks about how most law school-related message boards, books, and weblogs focus on the top national law schools and not regional schools like the midwestern university she (or he, I guess -- I haven't read enough of the weblog to know) will be attending in the fall. I suppose my take on it is probably that there's more of an audience for materials about the schools that are more well-known nationally. Even a non-law student might be interested in hearing about what goes on at Yale. Probably less so about Joe's Tackle Shop and Law School. (Actually, I'd be kind of interested in what goes on there...). Also, a lot of the books and weblogs and discussion boards out there concern the admissions process and "getting in" -- and a lot of the more regional schools simply don't have as selective an admissions process, so there's less concern and less need to analyze and discuss it. Plus, a regional law school only has regional appeal -- there's less of an audience automatically, just based on geography.

But, overall, I sympathize with liable's concern -- although certainly my weblog doesn't do anything to fix the problem. I agree with Waddling Thunder, who wonders if it could be that students at regional law schools have more work to do -- and thus less time to worry about writing a weblog -- than students at the more national schools. I think that's quite possible. I've been a little underwhelmed at the amount of work overall, at least compared to what books like 1L and movies like the Paper Chase made it seem like it would be.