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Saturday, March 22, 2003

To the tune of "The Times They Are A-Changing" by Bob Dylan, a song parody about the common law...

"The Law, It Is A-Changing"

Another tough case with
An activist judge
While for strict constitutionalists
Law won't budge
But a liberal court
Can be swayed by the facts
And the precedent's rapidly aging
And the judge sees distinctions
That may not be real
And the law, it is a-changing

A hundred years one way
But times they have changed
But regardless, all's needed
Is one judge who's deranged
The opinion's a muddle
Of policy talk
And there's no tellin' if
This is stickin'
Or if they will appeal
And this case overturned
But the law may be a-changin'.

Come senators, congressmen
Don't play it cool
It depends on the Congress
To pass a good rule
Make it airtight and solid
To withstand judges wild
There are activists here
Hearing cases
They'll be hearing the victims
And swayed by the facts
Oh the law, it is a-changin'.

Though students have learned it
It all could be moot
All the memorization
Destroyed with one suit
The rules and the standards
Can flip in a blink
The old law is
Rapidly aging
Let's come up with a new one
They can't understand
Oh the law, it is a-changing

Exam is tomorrow
But Westlaw is wise
The key to the course
Changing before my eyes
All the students who study
Are studying wrong
The law's different now than this morning
And the right choice before
Will fail cause the law
Oh the law it is a-changing

Education is quickly outdated
Cause the law it is a changing...