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Thursday, March 27, 2003

To the tune of "A Whole New World," a fantasy about a professor actually changing someone's grade after the exam!

"A Whole New Grade"

I can look at your test
This time actually read it
Random grades, I concede it
Makes my winter break a breeze

Did the questions make sense?
I didn't actually write them
Stolen from a website, them
Cut and pasted them with ease

A whole new grade
I've never seen this done before
Actually turn the page
And try to gauge
The value of the answer

A whole new grade
That students care, I never knew
But since you seem concerned
And law you've learned
I think I've got a whole new grade for you

Wow, this answer's not bad
Maybe if I had read it
Gave you good grade instead - it
Seems to spot the issues well

A whole new grade
I'm gonna help your GPA
You'll graduate cum laude
The system's flawed
Perhaps you'll clerk at where I used to be

A whole new grade
You've new horizons to pursue
Job offer anywhere
A millionaire
Make partner with this whole new grade for you

A whole new grade
Erase that C
If there's a way
You'll have an A
[and just to complete the fantasy] ...and law school's free!