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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Top Ten Lies I Think Law Students Should All Conspire To Tell Admitted Students And Scare Them Away

10. "Average age of the students here? Seven. They're brilliant. Trust me."
9. "I get seven, eight, sometimes nine minutes of sleep a night."
8. "You think the weather's bad now? Just wait until monsoon season in the fall."
7. "No, we're just the students they let out. The rest of them are locked in the basement doing manual labor as punishment for putting an extra comma in a footnote."
6. "All classes are conducted in Latin. Except on Wednesday, when they use Ancient Greek."
5. "Why don't you come sit in on Legal Writing. It's the most interesting class at the law school."
4. "The reading's not too bad. One, maybe two casebooks a week per class."
3. "Yeah, I think there's a bathroom... somewhere... not really sure. We've all had the required surgery already."
2. "It's a lot of fun, if you don't mind the ritual sacrifice of three students a week."
1. "Weekends? No, we have class 7 days a week. Seriously."