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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Trying to get motivated to work on an optional practice exam question for Property class. Professors should never call anything optional. It totally eliminates all motivation to actually do it. Everything should be mandatory and graded if it's worth assigning... or so I say now.

Maybe a song will help me get motivated. A song about procrastination. From the musical "Annie." Enjoy.


The work'll get done
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
I'll do work

Too busy until
Checking e-mail, watching
TV reruns
'Til I sleep

When I'm stuck with a task
That's dull
And dreary,
I just load solitaire
And sit
And play.

The work'll get done
Let the clock keep ticking
'Til tomorrow
Not today

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I'll do it tomorrow!
You're always a day a way!

...and if one song isn't enough...


Maybe in an hour
Or maybe in a day
Something will click in my brain cells
Telling me I shouldn't play
Maybe when my list
Of things to do grows long
I'll start accomplishing something
Rather than writing this song

Betcha I'll pass
I'm sure I will
It'll get done
At some point, but still
Doing it's not
Really that bad
Why can't I start
Then I'd be glad

So maybe now it's time,
Instead of when I wake
I'll get it all done today, me

Betcha I won't
Won't even try
Telling myself
I know it's a lie
Maybe it's hard
And I should start
Maybe I should
But I'm just not that smart

So maybe now this song
Will get me going strong
Maybe I'll start it today, me
Maybe... not.