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Friday, April 25, 2003

An article in the Harvard Crimson about Dean-designate Kagan's town meeting I wrote about yesterday.

I was talking to a few of my friends over dinner tonight and the topic of law students as extroverts or introverts came up. I was surprised that they disagreed with my opinion that the majority of students here are extroverts. They insisted that many people here are actually very inwardly focused -- very into themselves, their own thoughts, their own feelings -- and not into really genuinely interacting with and feeding off of the people around them, thus making them introverts. My train of reasoning had been that many people here seem overtly outgoing, shaking people's hands, aggressively dominating conversations, trying to be the center of attention. Which seems extroverted. I think maybe we're all right and that somehow these law students who have these traits have co-opted the worst of extroversion and introversion into a unique and particularly irritating personality. :) (Of course, this doesn't apply to plenty of people here, perhaps even most. Just something I've noticed in more people than I'd like...)