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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

At Kinko's today (actually, I guess that would be yesterday... missed another day... by mere minutes...), making photocopies of a flyer for the a cappella concert my group has next week:

WOMAN BEHIND ME IN LINE: You getting colored paper for that?
ME: Yeah
WOMAN: What color were you thinking?
ME: Ultra Lemon
WOMAN: Yes, that's a nice color. A litle acidic, though.
ME: Oh.
WOMAN: I was looking at your flyer. I think Sun Yellow might be better. You see, I'm a painter, and I know about colors and these things. Sun Yellow is a very warm color. Is your singing group co-ed?
ME: Yeah.
WOMAN: Yeah, Sun Yellow is a very androgynous color too. I think you should go with Sun Yellow.

I used Sun Yellow. The flyers look very nice.