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Thursday, April 17, 2003

From a post about Harvard on the Princeton Review law school message boards:

"Most students eat dinner in their rooms"

Is that really true? I guess it could be... but am I unusual in that I feel like a complete social reject if I'm forced to eat dinner alone in my room? I'll do anything to avoid eating dinner alone in my room. I'll go to the cafeteria, even though for dinner it just serves the same day's lunch (not kidding! I swear!), just because I know I'll see at least someone from my section there to eat with. I'll wait until right before a meeting / rehearsal / activity to get dinner and take it with me over there. I'll make up an errand to go do that'll force me to just grab something quick on the way back. A few times I've gone to the library with the express purpose of finding someone I know who hasn't eaten yet. And I've been successful each time. Am I unusual in that eating dinner alone bothers me? (The implicit message here: if anyone I know is reading this and wants to grab dinner, anytime, just let me know...)