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Monday, April 21, 2003

Funny, funny, funny ESPN column about today's Boston Marathon. I've never before linked to someone and called their article "funny, funny, funny," usually because (1) it makes me feel bad to think that other people can write funny too, and (2) most articles, even those that are trying to be, (a) really aren't funny, (b) certainly aren't funny, funny, and (c) can't possibly be funny, funny, funny.

I especially like where he uses the word "defecating." That's always worth an extra funny.

Not that I really ought to compete with "funny, funny, funny" Bill Simmons of and Jimmy Kimmel Live (which, the one time I've seen it, was definitely not funny, funny, funny), but here's my comment about the Boston marathon:

Why are all the famous marathons -- Boston and New York are the only marathons I can think of, so that's the entirety of the "all the famous marathons" group to which I refer -- held in cold cities? I'd much rather see a Dallas marathon, where if you do it in the winter, it's pleasant outside, and if you do it in the summer, you have the added bonus of ending the sport of competitive running because all of the runners will die of heatstroke. Would there be a better evening news headline than "Dallas marathon ends with four thousand dead, no winner"?