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Thursday, April 24, 2003

I went to a "law school town meeting" hosted by the new Dean (Prof. Elena Kagan -- appointed a few weeks ago to take office this summer), designed to give students an opportunity to ask questions and share their views on issues facing the law school. Lots of questions about improving the curriculum -- people want more international law and environmental law professors, more opportunities for clinical work and "experiential learning," which I guess means doing real stuff instead of sitting in the classroom, more writing, less emphasis on just having one exam at the end of the semester to determine the whole grade, a revamp of the first year writing workshop program.... Other issues discussed were the law school's possible move across the river to Allston, creating more school spirit (one student suggested that for all the money we pay in tuition we ought to at least get a free t-shirt), improving the older buildings and dormitories, and making sure students are aware of non-corporate legal careers. Prof. Kagan's broad overriding vision seemed to be one of engagement -- how she can get the students to engage in classes and learning and the intellectual atmosphere of the law school, and how she can get faculty to engage in teaching... not a bad vision overall. Glad I went. Was surprising poorly attended, I thought... maybe 40 people there to hear what the new Dean has to say... I guess people aren't fully engaged quite yet....