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Friday, May 16, 2003

Coming to CBS this fall... In Vitro Survivor.

One woman. Three fertility drugs. Four infrared cameras. Eight fetuses. Tune in each week as the fetuses compete head-to-head* for the ultimate prize: birth. A nine-month journey with only one winner, as each week viewers will call and vote for the fetus they'd like to see voted out of the womb. The fetus with the most votes each week will be terminated; the rest will move on to more competition. Watch the fetuses compete for food, drink, and the occasional (amniotic) sac of prizes. The tangled relationships (and umbilical cords) will leave viewers gasping for air. Don't miss... In Vitro Survivor.

*Competitions the first three months will not be head-to-head, since the fetuses will not yet have developed heads