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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Got my course schedule for next year, after a ridiculously complicated three-round lottery that, in its most recent "general lottery" round recommended that we rank 31 different courses, in order to fill the 5 slots left after we got our "bundles" (Constitutional Law, Corporations, and Tax -- the 2L "recommended" courses -- not required, but in order not to take them, you must sign up for them in the bundle lottery, and then, after you've been scheduled into them, you must affirmatively drop them. So it's opt-out, not opt-in for the bundles). After carefully scrutinizing the lottery details they provided -- schedule timeslot blocks, maximum and minimum credits per semester and per year, limit of one seminar during pre-registration, 3L priority bumping, lists of traditionally oversubscribed courses -- I ranked my top 24 choices (just couldn't come up with a final 7), and ended up, happily, getting pretty much everything I wanted. I'm 38th on the "priority wait list" for a seminar on Literature and the Law that I ranked first -- rising 3Ls get two full rounds before us, so it must have filled up then. In fact, I talked to a rising 3L who ranked it first and didn't get it, so it filled up real fast -- but it's a class of 15, so the chances of 38 people adding and then dropping it is pretty slim. Other than that, I got the classes I wanted: Bankruptcy (fall) and Secure Transactions (winter -- a 3-week mini-term where you take one class, for three hours every day), both with the awesome professor I had for contracts in the fall, Local Government Law (fall), a seminar on Behavioral Law and Economics (fall), and a class on Jewish law (spring). My one-liner on that is that I'm taking it to meet a nice Jewish girl. You think I'm kidding? :)

Also yesterday: the Office of Career Services' Fall On-Campus Interviewing kickoff meeting, letting us know what we'll have to do over the summer to get ready for on-campus interviewing in September. I think I've got 800 words in me to talk about that, so I'll save it for tomorrow.