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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Just a quick comment on something in the news. I was watching The Daily Show last night (my main source of world news, it seems), and Jon Stewart had a segment about Bill Bennett, former education secretary under President Bush the elder, and pretty much the spokesman for the "Americans should have good moral values" movement, as author of "The Book of Virtues," "The Moral Compass," a book about how President Clinton was a bad, bad man, and other such stuff. Basically, he's been on a crusade to stop Americans from traveling down the road towards moral bankruptcy, or something like that. And apparently -- and here's an article all about it -- he's a compulsive gambler who's lost over $8 million at Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos. It's this kind of stuff that makes people lose faith in humanity. If you're going to preach to the country about values and morals, don't be a compulsive gambler. It's really pretty simple. I mean, he's not a murderer, or anything like that (although it seems from the photos of him that gluttony may also be an issue), but still.... Ridiculous.