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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

MTV's "True Life" this past weekend (yes, I watched MTV's "True Life." And, yes, I could have been doing the law review competition instead) featured young people getting plastic surgery. Two girls -- aspiring Playboy models (are there internships you can get for that?) getting some assorted breast, nose, and thigh work done, one tremendously overweight girl trying to become merely obese, and one particularly disturbed guy getting "calf implants" because "[he] wants big calves" to impress all of his friends. Because the first thing I look for when picking my friends is big calves. Anyway, he got his new calves, the surgery pretty much paralyzed him for a few days, but then he was off to the bar to show off. "Big calves! Who cares?" was pretty much the reaction of his friends. But he went off to pursue his dream of being a male model (a sock model, perhaps?). After the surgery, I kept waiting for him to say, "well, I got my calves, but now my elbows are too small! I need big elbows!" And why is any of this related to law school? Well, if you go to law school, then after exams, you too will have time to watch MTV's "True Life." And also, you'll be able to wonder what the contracts these doctors make the patients sign before surgery look like, and if they're open to any liability at all if the new claves aren't big enough, or they mess up and give you big knees or big ankles instead. You can also spend time wondering about malpractice insurance. Law school: it can even turn watching MTV into a lesson in adhesion contracts.

(Thanks to Roger, for reminding me I watched this thing. Thanks to MTV, for costing me brain cells.)