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Saturday, May 31, 2003

The "Should I Go To Law School?" Quiz, version 1. For entertainment purposes only. This will get funnier with a rewrite tomorrow. I promise. But for now...

1. My dream occupation is to be:
(a) a filthy-rich corporate lawyer
(b) a spiritually-rich public interest lawyer
(c) a member of the Backstreet Boys

2. When I think about reading a hundred pages of dense legal material in an evening, my first thought is:
(a) sounds like it could be interesting
(b) just the price one must pay for an education
(c) I can barely even read this quiz.

3. My idol is:
(a) Justice Scalia
(b) Alan Dershowitz
(c) Ashton Kutcher

4. In a typical day, I like to make sure I:
(a) earn some money
(b) learn something new
(c) don't get arrested

5. My favorite kind of donut filling is:
(a) hundred-dollar bills
(b) love and harmony
(c) jelly

6. My biggest reason for wanting to go to law school is:
(a) to find a high-paying job in an industry that will never vanish no matter how bad the economy gets
(b) to put myself in a position to be able to help people less fortunate than I am
(c) to avoid having to actually get a real job

7. On the political spectrum, I would consider myself:
(a) republican
(b) democrat
(c) what are you talking about?

8. In order to finance my education, I plan to:
(a) take advantage of the low interest rates, borrow to the maximum, and pay it back after graduation through an aggressive savings plan
(b) apply for grants through various human rights organization, and also start my own telethon to help not just me, but needy aspiring public interest lawyers worldwide
(c) sell crack

9. In college, my extracurricular activities included:
(a) debate team, model congress, and school treasurer
(b) hunger alliance, poverty alliance, alliance of beneficial alliances alliance
(c) college???

10. On the LSAT, I scored a:
(a) 132
(b) 135
(c) 177

Scoring key: Disregard your answers to questions 1 through 9. If you answered (a) or (b) to question 10, you should probably not apply to law school. If you answered (c), it sounds like law school would be perfect for you.