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Friday, June 13, 2003

Advertisement on the NYC Subway for a law firm -- descriptions of cases they've won for damage from lead poisoning and medical malpractice -- and a slogan, in quotes: "We fight for kids with brain damage." Wow. And the ad includes a silhouette of a man with a top hat and boxing gloves -- "fighting," I suppose, "for kids with brain damage." Wow. And it gets better. Because I went to their website, Ambulance-Chasing Law Firm's Website, where they explain the top hat / boxing glove man: "We’re proud of being known as fighters for our clients rights and the [firm's] fighting spirit is embodied in our logo and our mascot, Seamus, our Fighting Irish Leprechaun." You think I'm kidding? Check out the site.

If you do some exploring, you may notice the site includes a detailed questionnaire for people seeking the firm's help in suing the tobacco companies. Among the perfectly balanced and fair questions: "What disease do you have that you think was caused by smoking?"

This is why people think lawyers are sleazy. Seamus the Fighting Irish Leprechaun is why people make jokes about lawyers. Does a fighting leprechaun mascot really help them get clients? "Good day, my lead-poisoned friend. I know a great law firm. I saw their ad on the subway. I know they're good because they have a fighting Irish leprechaun mascot named Seamus. And they advertise on the subway. Did I mention that already. I don't know if I did. Because I have brain damage. But they're fighting for me. The leprechaun dude is actually my lawyer. I think. Or that might be the brain damage talking. Who knows."