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Monday, June 16, 2003

I saw "A Year in the Life of Frog and Toad" on Broadway last Friday night. It's a musical. Basically for kids. And it closed on Sunday. But I was able to get a $16 ticket, and I'd liked the song they did from the show on the Tony awards last weekend, so I figured it would be cool to go see it. And it wasn't bad at all. Simple, but entertaining. The children in the audience seemed to be having a blast. My friend who I went with and I both liked it.

In case you haven't heard of the Frog and Toad children's books, briefly -- Frog and Toad are best friends in the forest. Frog is cheerful and helpful and happy, and Toad is a bit more grumpy. But they help each other out.

The reason for all this background? Today's weblog entry.


Frog and Toad waited on line to pick up the law review competition packet. Frog got his copy, took a free lollipop, and waited patiently outside for his friend Toad. Toad moaned: "This packet is so heavy I can hardly carry it. It sucks." But then Frog offered to carry Toad's packet too. Toad agreed, but didn't give Frog his lollipop. Instead, he threw it at a little tadpole. Frog and Toad hopped home, installed their new DSL connections, and began reading. Frog read everything carefully and then began to outline his case note. Toad, in a fit of rage, threw his packet into the fireplace and burnt the edges of most of the pages. Luckily for Toad, most of the pages were useless anyway, so it didn't matter. Frog wrote all day and all night for the entire week, and ended up with a carefully-edited brief and a lovely case note suitable for publication in the Amphibian Law Journal. Toad got drunk on Tuesday, vomited on two of the copies of his brief edit, and wrote a substandard case note riddled with errors. But Frog agreed to let Toad copy much of his work, so they both ended up turning in wonderful packets. They both beat out Sheep, Bear, Fox, Hawk, Paramecium, Jellyfish, Octopus, and Fatty Tuna to get a place on Law Review. Toad had a nervous breakdown from all of the work. But Dr. Dog at the mental hospital fixed him up and made him all better. Frog ended up with a Supreme Pond Court clerkship, and all the flies he could eat. He married Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a lovely ceremony at the beach.