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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

You're probably looking for the affirmative action stuff below. Have fun. But, in case you've already read that, what I was actually going to post before I noticed Mitch over at Yale Pundits had given me something to respond to was something I've noticed about the NYC Subway that bothers me.

People don't give up their seats for old people.

It's ridiculous. Elderly people -- or younger-than-that women carrying packages, or babies, or even yet-to-be-born babies -- get on the packed subway, and able-bodied young people don't bat an eyelash. It's ridiculous, and should be a crime and prosecuted as such. I love sitting as much as the next guy -- maybe even more, because of my irrational fear of touching the metal poles unless I absolutely must -- but if someone who looks, say, over 55 gets on the train, or a woman of any age who doesn't look like she's more fit than me -- I stand up and give up my seat. And I'm continually shocked that no one else does this. It's selfish, impolite, and really an unpleasant statement about society, I think. Buses too.

What's not quite as bad but still pretty bad? Half the time, if I give up my seat the person doesn't even say thank you. That's not as offensive, but still kind of rude.