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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Best way to fill my inbox: accuse all of my readers of having weblogs of their own. :)

A few haikus about law school grades:

Thought I aced that test
So did all of my classmates
Mandatory curve!?!?!

Man that test was hard
Questions made no sense to me
Good thing I cheated

The teacher read this?
I don't think he did because
I ought not have passed

Did you get a B?
Yes? I feel much better now
No? I hope you die

Which semester's grades?
They're running three behind now
Not on their term bills

1Ls -- want my notes?
You're more than welcome to them
Won't tell you my grade!

Employers: they care
But all they see is first year
Then they don't matter

One dumb professor
Turned in all his grades on time
His colleagues shot him